How to get started in DIY Home Automation

Resources and Links to getting started with your own Home Automation Project.


Automating your home is not as difficult as it might look, here are a few links to get you started, we will be updating it from time to time so please do check back again.

Resources to help you get started on your DIY journey!

  • Github – This should be your first stop, register a free account, and keep the details handy you will be using this resource of information and skill to overcome coding obstacles along the way.
  • Home Assistant – The DIY brain of your Home Automation setup
  • ESPHome – controllers and code templates for ESP32 devices – that you might use or might not use
  • DuckDNS – If you want to control your system from your mobile device from outside your network this addon will do just that – as with all things; some configuration is required.
  • Tasmota – Want to Flash your stock standard Sonoff devices to get more control? This link does just that, read the instructions first and with all DIY, do so at your own risk. No soldering is required with the Sonoff DIY Range.